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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cyndi: Physique Challenge: The Halfway Point Already!

Week 6

Midway Point. I can’t believe that we are already half way done. In some ways I’m getting anxious to see results and nervous about showcasing them in a bikini on stage. YIKES. I have promised myself that I will get on stage no matter what though. It definitely stays in the back of my head when I have the option to have an extra cheat. Either way, time is really flying by.

I have recovered from my week 5 setback and am back on track. This week, I was challenged by another contestant on our leg work out. It really pushed me and I lifted a lot heavier than I usually do. Another boost was when I did my measurements and lost 4% body fat, lost 7lbs of body fat and gained almost 4lbs of muscle. 


An interesting experience was when my husband and I went to the Deerfield Fair. Turns out that Fairs aren’t that fun when you are on a diet…lol. I had a pickle (not fried) and a lemonade. Pretty dull. On the plus side I got to see draft horses. 

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