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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cyndi: Physique Challenge Week 5, Food is Fuel!

Week 5

DIET and Exercise. I learned a valuable lesson about routine and diet this week. I have been very good about eating enough protein before and after my workouts. This week I ran out of the Almond Breeze Coconut milk (about 35 calories per cup) and so I skipped a protein shake as well as worked out late Friday night and then went back to the gym Saturday morning. The combination really threw me off and messed me up for the rest of the week. Talk about discouraging. I couldn’t understand why my weights were basically being cut in half. I keep hearing that food is fuel and diet is 80% of reaching your goal. This week’s experience really drove that home. NO MORE SKIPPING PROTEIN! 

This was also week one of phase 2 and I LOVE IT! This kind of routine is definitely something I could keep up when it’s all over. What I like about phase 1 was working the muscles in pairs, but phase 2 really focuses on the muscle group. I can really feel it and am starting to notice the buildup of muscle, and that is definitely good motivation.

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