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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cyndi: Reflection: Physique Challenge

Cyndi: Reflection of the Show

Now that the spray tan has worn off and the professional pictures have been taken, I have had some time to reflect on everything I have learned. I was really nervous about the tan because I didn’t want it to look bad. It didn’t. Actually. It looked great on everyone that did it. Getting the professional pictures done was a special treat and I am glad that I can use them as a comparison now. It’s definitely a rare opportunity.

I thought that everyone was very supportive during the challenge. Nothing compares to the day of the show. All of us really were in this together and were supportive of each other. Even the audience was a great support system.

I also realized that I probably should have practiced the poses more. When I got up there and was nervous I was hoping to rely on muscle memory…unfortunately my muscles and I forgot some of the poses and had to wing it.

Overall though it was an unbelievable rewarding experience and I have since seen my fellow contestants in the gym keeping it up, which keeps me motivated as well.

Photos below by Nevin Brown Photography.

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