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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sandy at EARLY MORNING Small Group Training! (with Nicole!)

4:30 AM.  

This is not something I like to see on my clock.  I truly can’t imagine anyone looking forward to waking up at this time, unless it’s for something exciting like needing to leave the house to catch a plane to the Caribbean.  Last Friday morning I woke up before my alarm.  Actually I had a very restless night, tossing and turning in anticipation because it was on that particular morning that I had planned to be at The Works by 5:00 am to work out. 

One of the Personal Trainers, Nicole, challenged me to come to her Small Group Training class at 5:30 in the morning.  Nicole and I have a little history you see.  She has provided me with much entertainment when I am working in the office at the Works.  Nicole is a natural leader with a deliciously sadistic sense of humor.  She keeps me in stitches of laughter behind the scenes as I listen to her “motivate” her class with silly offhanded comments and downright hilarious phrases as she lays out the next round of challenging tasks for them to do.    

Perhaps Nicole figured that I have been getting too much enjoyment listening to her devoted attendees go through the trenches, grunting and groaning as they push themselves through the tough workouts Nicole had lined up for them.    Perhaps she just decided that I needed a kick in the butt because I was complaining too much about my inability to reach my goals.  Either way, I decided that yes, indeed, I would accept her challenge and join them at 5:30 a.m. on Friday morning. 

I got there early so that I could thoroughly warm up before hand.  My plantar fasciitis hasn’t been acting up since I’ve been stretching and resting it a lot, though I didn’t want to jump in too quickly by aggravating it, so I warmed up on the Concept II Ergo meter to keep the impact to a minimum.

When 5:30 came I met my fabulous “classmates”, a couple of them have been with Nicole for over a year, which is very impressive.   Obviously Small Group Training has been working for them, because they are strong and in great shape. 

Nicole set us up at different stations, where we were challenged with exercises that at first may have seemed deceivingly easy.  After a few rounds, as my body began to fatigue, I realized that not only is it obvious that these exercises work because the other members of the class were able to withstand, but that I am a wimp.  That’s going to change quickly with consistency though.

The best part about doing the assigned exercises is that they are timed intervals, so you know that the challenge will come at you in short spurts.  If you are competitive, then Small Group Training could be perfect for you.  Challenging yourself to go up against your classmates can be fun with some light competition.  If you are more like me, where I love to push myself to see if I can do better than my last round, but I don’t like to suffer alone, then this is also the perfect class of you. 

Nicole is very much a “go at your own pace” and “know your limits” type of instructor.  Yes, she is tough and she will push you to be your best, but she is also aware, knowledgeable and even kind when she needs to be.  ;-)

 I think the greatest thing about small group training is the camaraderie. I was accepted and welcomed into the group immediately, and it is reassuring to know that when my legs are burning, so is everyone else’s.  I look forward to this week, getting up before dawn (well, maybe not getting up before down) and going to Small Group Training again to suffer along with some new found friends. 

You can find out more information about Small Group Training Online.  Hope to see you there!

Looking to Train with Nicole?  She's go options at the following times: 

M,W, F @5:30amM,TR,F @9amM,T,W, TR @10am

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