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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From the Training Studio, a Word from Jasmin: Two Exercises You are Not Doing but Should

Two exercises you are not doing but should
(Not all exercises are appropriate for all.  See a trainer for a specified plan that is appropriate to your needs)

Turkish Get Up is a compound exercise which works your entire body in all three planes of motion. Turkish Get Up re-introduces developmental movement patterns (rolling, bridging, kneeling, squatting, standing) which some of us have lost due to today’s lifestyle (too much sitting and spinal flexion).

It promotes:

a) Lower body stability (knee) and mobility (ankle and hip),
b) Lumbar (lower back) spine stability
c) Thoracic spine rotation and extension,
d) Shoulder closed (“unloaded” arm) and open chain (“loaded” arm) stability;
e) Shoulder stability
f) Balance and Proprioception
g) And yes it does make you Super Strong
h) And yes it does burn a lot of calories

Kettlebell Swing is a ballistic type of exercise which purpose is maximal force production. In addition to maximal force production it develops entire posterior chain musculature (hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back) and abdominal wall. Kettlebell swing can be also used as a conditioning exercise. If you perform it for high reps (20 or more) it will increase your heart rate and burn about 20 calories per minute, which is equivalent to running at a pace of 6:00 min/mile (10mph)

To learn how to do these 2 powerful exercises sign up for our KB class on Mon-Fri at 7am

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