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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Catching Up With Cyndi on the Road to Saturday's Physique Challenge Show

Thanks Cyndi for a view into the time leading up to the Physique Challenge on Saturday, November 15th!  

Week 7
It’s starting to be fall and this is my favorite time of year for food. Good timing; I know. Apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple pie, stews, and all the other good comfort foods. Thankfully I also enjoy apple picking and being outside this time of year. So far I have stuck to the picking and eating of just the apples. I did cave and buy the donuts and pies, but I didn’t eat them. Promise. My husband and friends have been helpful enough to take care of the temptations. 

Luckily I also like squash and have added spaghetti squash to my diet. It’s a great way to have some comfort food without too much “comfort”. I haven’t found a substitute for the pie and donuts, but it’s all for a good cause.

My sacrifices are paying off, which makes it easier to say no. Before this challenge, I wasn’t seeing results and it made it harder to say no. I’m quickly beginning to see all the faults of my previous “diet”. When I reach my goal I will eat a slice of pie now and then, but now I will know how to maintain and indulge now and then.

Week 8
Phase 3 workouts are pretty intense but I like the way they are structured. They are challenging and I can see how each phase has built on each other. I probably couldn’t have done this at the beginning. The leg exercises are my favorite because I know I am working big muscles. Big muscles burn more calories.

I am having hard time getting my cardio in. I know that is one thing that I am really having trouble with. In general I don’t like cardio, I have just always done it because it was necessary. It was always hard and the results were very slow. Since gaining more muscle, cardio has become so much easier. I have improved 100% on my run time and overall endurance with intervals. Before I dreaded cardio and now…it’s not so bad. Still wouldn’t say I love it. It’s a work in progress.

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