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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jesse: Love Hate Relationships

Leg day, it’s a love/hate relationship. 

I love the working out part but I hate the going down stairs part after. As a matter of fact I hate the trying to walk normal after and the pretty much moving part after. But it’s all worth it when I say I lifted a certain amount and that amount gets higher and higher.

The little video below is a small sample of what I do on legs day. There is a lot of squats on a typical leg day but there is so much more involved like extensions, curls, abductions and adductions, and my worst enemy walking lunges. They burn sooooooo much. That is the only reason why I keep doing them because I know they are working.

Enjoy this video it’s the last one of this nature.

Stay tuned for some great posts and future videos (I love the video part, I am such a nerd).

See you at the gym!!

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