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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jesse: Sometimes you Just Need to Stop and Climb a Mountain!

Wake up, gym, study, work, sleep, wake up, gym, study, work, sleep. That was pretty much the essence of my summer. I barely got a hike in. The to-do list kept growing, work that needed to be done at home was being put aside and work that needed to be done on my car had all but been forgotten. I needed to spend time with my family, I needed to spend time with my friends, but those needs kept getting pushed back as the size of my plate and the things being put on it grew.

                  To top it off, I had gotten a reality check when I did a body composition test at UNH. I was not as far along in my quest for fat loss as I had thought. The thought of all the hard work that I had done didn’t amount to as much as I thought. Now, I’m not discounting my achievements I just didn’t come as far along as I hoped. This little fact added to the stress of all the things that were going on in my life. I needed to press a reset button.

                  So I decided to take a challenge from my fellow blogger Sandy which was to do something spontaneous. So this morning (Monday August 18th) I did just that. Instead of waking up and doing my regular routine I decided to go hit my reset button. I did my favorite hike up Mt. Major and hung out for a little while. I forgot about the whole world for just a little while and enjoyed the views and being out in nature. It was just long enough for me to regroup my thoughts, clear my head of nonsense, and be reminded of why I am doing all this in the first place.

                  So now I can continue my journey with full steam and even step it up a couple notches. Be prepared for some videos. Why? Because I’m a nerd.
I’ll see you in the gym.
(P.S. You didn’t think I’d hike all the way up and not grab some good pictures, did you?)

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