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Monday, September 1, 2014

Jesse: Fall is in the Air!

Sniff, sniff, sniff…. is that fall in the air? It smells like pumpkin spice and everything nice. I love me some pumpkin spice coffee, don’t judge.

Fall is here but where did my summer go? Who knew that dedicating myself to creating a better life would also mean that time would fly by. Summer classes taking away most of my yearly adventure time I feel like I am just getting started and now I have to return back to the books for the fall semester.
It is a lot more quiet now that all the young kids are back in school (don’t pretend you didn’t just nod your head and say ‘Thank Goodness’) so we can all really focus on our health and physiques before the holidays get here and ruin everything.

If only it were that easy, right? I know I have several classes this semester and me being the dedicated student that I am means that most of every day is filled with blocks of study or class time. So full, in fact, that if I am not at the gym by 530 every morning this semester then I can kiss an opportunity to crush a workout goodbye.
Such is the sacrifice I have to make right now. There is no opportunity to say ‘eh, I can do it tomorrow’ and if there was I wouldn’t feel right taking it.

My goals this fall is to continue to lose body fat even in the face of upcoming holidays. My first attainable step for that goal is getting in my workouts even if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to do it. With this step I know that I will have a good start to the day allowing my body to burn its fuel at peak efficiency thus helping me study/learn better and lower my bodyfat at the same time.
As far as strength goes I still have goals I am going to try and reach. Those still are a 500lb dead lift, 500lb squat and 350lb bench press. Although, I am slowing down the speed at which I reach those goals so I can focus more on the kind of lifting that will help me burn the most fat (that is what I am trying to get rid of after all). Devon (You all know who Devon is right? If not you may want to find her! ) and I have decided to go with a higher repetition, lower rest between sets type of routines. So I will reach these goals but at a slightly slower pace.

So I now invite you to harass, hound, poke, or ridicule me if you do not see me in the gym working out by 530 in the morning. You’re not up at 530? Well that’s ok feel free to find me on Facebook or twitter and ask me if I made it to the gym. 

I’ll be honest.

See you at the gym.

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