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Friday, September 12, 2014

Cyndi: Week 1, Physique Challenge

Week 1:

So I have just finished week one…well almost. I didn’t get to do my delt exercises or my DB or BB thrusts because I ran out of time. So far every day has taken me about 2 hrs. Hopefully once I start to understand the exercises more it won’t take me as long. I had a hard time with the front squats. I ended up doing a few extra sets once I felt like I had it down. Jason helped me…he also felt comfortable enough to call me out on it, because I was whining about my shoulders. It definitely worked. I pushed through and did my 4 sets of 8 with 75 pounds (including bar).

Other than that, the hardest part about this week was lunges and trying to control my protein. I eat healthy, now it’s about eating the right healthy stuff at the right time. Usually I would just have a bowl of cereal if I came home late, but now I have to make sure I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. So far I haven’t been that tempted. I did have to make a red velvet cheesecake for my friend’s birthday and I had to have a friend over to help supervise me…lol. She also licked the spoons for me like I would usually do.

I’m very excited about this program because of how much I’m learning, the support I am getting from other participants and the entire works staff. Also, the weight room “usuals” are also very nice and helpful. I haven’t met one person that wasn’t happy to help.

Let’s go week 2!!!!

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