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Friday, September 12, 2014

Introducing Cyndi! Physique Challenge Participant's Journey Through Body-in-the-Works!


I’m Cyndi and I struggled with the decision to start the physique fitness challenge. Mainly I was angry with myself because I felt like I shouldn’t need a program and I should be able to educate myself. Turns out - I can’t, but that’s ok. If I really think about it, the concept is ridiculous. Fitness is such a complicated concept between the food and exercise - it is a science after all. The first thing I noticed was the amazing support group. Not just the other challenge participators, but from the others in the weight room in general. I’ve only been made fun of once for my bench press weight…oh and once for my front squats…but it was all in good fun. Overall, all of them are super nice and willing to help.

My overall goal is to lose weight and tone up. Those may seem simple, but I have struggled with losing weigh for a while. I have tried for a while, but always fell off the wagon because I saw no results. I hoping that this program will turn it all around for me.

I hope that my success can be an inspiration for future challenge participants and that I can help motivate the current ones as they motivate me.


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