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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jesse: Can You Spot Me?!

Oh no! My trainer is gone for the week, whatever shall I do?

Make sure I train as hard as she would have me do. That’s what I will do. Just because my trainer is away doesn't mean I get a vacation (Devon is not on vacation, she is away training and serving our great country! Thank you so much Devon!).

Not only do I have to, because she is bound to find out if I slacked off, but because of the  gains I have made since starting with her.  She has helped me reach some of my goals that I set with her or get very close to them, all of them well before I am done training with her. 

This means that I will surpass all my goals (and subsequently set new ones!), so I need to make sure that I put in the level of work she would require of me.

This week will be a real test as I try to continue with hard training (I’ll have Devon’s voice always in my head pushing me) but I am sure I will be just fine.

I’ll see you in the gym (and I might ask you for a spot)

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