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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jesse: Progress Update!!!

Who wants a progress update? Raise your hands!

Did you seriously just raise your hands? This is a blog. Now look around and see who caught you looking like a fool. :)

Ok, so I have been blogging for a few months now telling you all about the things I have done at the gym.  Now I will fill you in on my actual measurable progress. No pictures just yet that’s another couple months away.

Starting: 270lbs           
As of May 27th: 239.3lbs

Did you think I would shrink or grow taller?

Pant Size
Starting: An uncomfortable 42in waist.
As of May 27th: A comfortable (maybe a little loose) 38in waist.

Shirt Size
Starting: A tight in the belly 2XL
As of May 27th: I wear an XL that still is a little tight in the belly, but it is getting there!

Body Fat Percentage
Starting: 34%
As of about a month ago: 27.2% (I will make sure I take a new measurement soon)

Along with the changes in weight and size, I have increased both my strength and stamina. Every single week I am beating the level of weight I have lifted the week before and it feels AWESOME! I am also very nearly able to run a 5K without having to slow down or walk. I expect to fully be able to do that by the end of June.

All these changes keep me coming back (and I actually like exercising now) and keep me going.

See you in the gym!

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