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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sandy: Trainer and Workout Partners are Key!

I’m pretty tough on myself.  I was on the Track team in high school, and Crew team in college, so I know what it takes to be and stay focused when it comes to working out, and I also know what it is like to push myself to the limit. 

Now, given, it’s been a “few” years since I’ve been involved in team sports, but I still remember that working out with teammates and not having to suffer alone made me work harder.  I also remember that when the coach was standing at our sides, encouraging (Yelling at)us, gave us that extra push.  We worked out harder than we ever would on our own.

My workout partner and I work out pretty hard together.  But let me tell you, last Wednesday night when we were working out with our trainer (Taz) I worked harder than I ever would have with my buddy.  I Love my workout partner, but we are sympathetic toward one another as we whine and complain and pull out our pocket full of excuses.  We also have a tendency of getting off track when we get to talking.   A trainer puts all of that aside and keeps us on track when we are working out.   I hired a trainer to help me get into shape, not to be my therapist.  It’s a trainer’s priority to push you past your self-sabotaging limitations or excuses.  A Fitness Trainer or Coach will be able to work with your capabilities, modifying workouts to fit your needs, and give you that extra push that EVERYONE needs every once in a while.   Sometimes I just feel like this…

Hey, we all feel like that sometimes.  What gets me out of bed and moving is knowing that someone is waiting for me; Be it for an appointment or assigning me “homework” workouts to accomplish before our next meeting.   I’m being held accountable.  Hiring a trainer is an investment that is well worth every dime spent to show you the proper way to meet your goals and to push you to a healthier, happier you. 

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