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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jesse: Week of Inspiration!

Last week was a great week for inspiration.

It started on Monday, when my best friend of 18 years and his girlfriend went in to the hospital to deliver their baby boy. I stayed with them through Monday into Tuesday when the little guy was born. I got to witness the agony that she had to go through (except the delivery…. NO WAY was I going to be there for that!) and ladies….Holy CRAP!! That is some terrible stuff. But it all was worth it when that little butterball was born. It was one of the happiest days for my best friend and his girlfriend... and yes for me too.

After the little guy was born there appeared a look of inspiration in my friends face as well as a look of “OH CRAP”. Understandable, he has a child to take care of and raise. One of the first things we talked about after the birth is both him and his girlfriend getting back in shape. He said to me “I need to make sure that I am always here for that little ham bone, I gotta get back into the gym.” That was it... that was the moment of realization and inspiration.

There are many reasons to get back into shape, but love is the greatest of them. That’s part of why I am doing this fitness thing. Not only am I doing it so I can feel better, I am doing it to help ensure that I am here for my nieces and nephews and maybe one day a child of my own (whoaaa, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here). For my best friend who, along with me, has struggled with weight to look at his son and know that he has to do something is inspiring.

Now we jump to Saturday. That was another day of true inspiration. It was the day that all the folks who did the Body in the Works Physique Challenge got up on stage and showed off what they spent 12 weeks working towards.

There were folks there that I saw working out and training like crazy people every single day. Dieting, lifting, cardio. Folks who didn’t know what the weight room was to people who have always used it. They dedicated 12 full weeks to changing their bodies and for many changing their lives. We even got to witness a marriage proposal; he pulled the ring right out of his undies. That was funny.

But to see these folks, who don’t compete in shows, get up on stage and show their transformation is about as inspiring as it gets. It makes me want to drive even harder and maybe (That’s a BIG maybe) one day I will do the same thing.

See you in the gym!

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