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Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 2... "Volume" eater! Are you one too?

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10/12/13 – I have been tracking my diet like crazy. Yes it is a pain to track everything that goes into my mouth but it is definitely doing some good. It is so interesting to see what a portion size is. I for sure can’t trust my lying eyes. Even though I’ve tracked before I forget just what equals a tablespoon or how much a cup really is. I am a “volume” (Lisa’s word I LOVE it) eater so measuring my food is a must.  Lisa follows me on my fitness pal (the app I use to log all my foods) and I follow her. I am totally accountable to her. Good and bad. I love looking at what she enters and have even found a new love. Quest bars. I kept seeing her logging. Part of my inner monologue was “protein bars are NOT great for you and have as much sugar as a candy bar. Maybe Lisa isn’t so perfect after all.” Not the case. I got one and WOW! I love them. They are so yummy tons of different flavors, 1 to 2 grams of sugar and a great alternative to a protein shake.

This morning Lisa and I met for time 2! She went gentle on my back and we did lots of TRX stuff. It is so wonderful to have someone who is just focused on you! I have never had one-on-one training before and it’s amazing. Lisa’s attention is all on me and my body. She notices little tweaks and changes I can make to improve so I can lift better, cleaner and stronger. Having the spotlight makes me responsible for doing the exercises to best of my ability, every timeJ Lisa makes sure of it.

Do you track your eating?  If not, check out  myfitpal and sign up to use it!   Here's their blog with the latest myFitpal news:  

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