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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Ran a Marathon. Trained 6 Months.... Not ONCE did I get runner's high!!!"

We are catching you up on Barb's logs from the Pro Fitness Program.   Here's her 3rd Session thoughts!   (Barb, be honest from now on!!!)   :) 

10/16/13 – Time 3! Down 5 lbs. since the 1st. I’ll take it. 

My back is still a huge issue but I am just doing going through the motions hoping that soon it will vanish. We talked a lot, as I was stretching of course, about the importance of diet. Oh yeah and cardio is important too. The two things that I loathe, to my very core are cardio and tracking what I eat. 

Here is the plan. 

Tracking is getting better and better. It is getting easier for me to make good choices of what to eat and how much. Slowly healthy eating is becoming a part of my life. I can’t say anymore that I loathe tracking what I eat anymore. MMmmmMmm. If that’s true of diet could that be true, gulp, eventually of cardio?! I am starting a couch to 5k with my husband. Let me be clear my couch will ALWAYS be there. Let’s see if I can take up less room when I sit on it J (side note: I did complete a full marathon.  In case you hear that around and say “hey this girl loves to run. She is not being truthful.” Let me steer you in the right direction. I trained for 6 months to complete a marathon of 26.2 miles in HAWAII for Train To End Stroke. It was a fundraising event done less than 3 years after my stroke! I was a very active spokesperson for the American Heart and Stroke Association. So I did it. 5 days a week for six months. Not once did I get the runners high. Not once did I not count every second. Since December of 2005 I have not run. Yes for a short time here and there on the treadmill or in cardio party but that’s it!)

Lisa and I also talked about goals. Her New Year’s Resolution is not to make a weight loss goal. How awesome is that. It makes perfect sense. Resolutions can be fun, who would have thought it. I love it. This Lisa. She is full of it! Knowledge that is.

Tracking and Thanksgiving... have you made a plan for yourself?  The Holidays are here!  

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