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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ready? Set? GO!!!!!!!!

Barbara has started journaling her time in PFP (Pro Fitness Program) and we'll be sharing her journal entries with you here!   Please leave comments and thoughts for both Barbara and The Works!  We'd love to hear from you!!!  

9/30/13 Like a pig being fattened for slaughter my trough was full of slop, never running low for even a moment, that I gobbled up over the past week. Oh yeah I start the program TOMORROW :)

10/1/2013 I can’t think of a better way to ring in fall and this fabulous month of October than to start the PRO Fitness Program. So today I went in for my consultation. I have done fitness programs a plenty. I noticed a difference right away. One of the things that I loved about PRO was how in depth and specific everything was to ME! It isn’t based on generalities it is specific to MY heart rate, MY BMI, MY body fat , MY strength, and MY flexibility. I have never started a program that did SO much testing and measuring. (Let us know if you'd like to see Barbara's numbers! ) Some of my numbers were a shocking horrible dose of reality that provided a wonderful jumping off point. Focus on the positive.

10/2/13 They have assigned me a trainer! I have been lucky enough to see and interact with Lisa for over a year at the gym. Her dedication and hard work is unparallel. 

Let me tell you a thing or two about Lisa. She is 4 foot 10 (FYI I am 6 feet tall) She out lifts me, out squats me, out runs me, out push ups me and out pull ups me and every second of every day! Lisa is chiseled. Not because she was granted great genes but because she works her *buttocks* off all the time. It is inspiring to be around her. Also she happens to be super beautiful! I know right! Then the knife in the heart is that she is super kind. Supportive, lovely and just an all-around fabulous person. Needless to say I was really excited to train with her. (Enough of that sappy stuff. You don’t need to mention to her that I said any of this.)

This morning I met Lisa for a “mini work out.” Please note the only thing that was mini about this workout was Lisa :) After maybe 15 minutes of plyo-metrics work I was overwhelmed and shocked at the amount of strength and stamina I have lost over the past couple of months. We talked about diet. MmmmMMMmmmm. Ben and Jerry, Pizza Hut and Kristi Black’s sweets (who make the BEST sugary treats of all time) have to, mostly, be banned from my mouth. If I don’t buy it, I won’t eat it. I do ALL of the grocery shopping in my house. No one to divert the blame, I mean attention, to. So I can either choose to be completely depressed about my numbers from yesterday and my outrageous lack of physical fitness today. Or I can choose to say (said with sarcastic enthusiasm that I hopes turns genuine) “hey what a great starting off point. I can only go up from here!” So here I go. I need a very tight and secure harness as I begin my accent up this mountain!

...stay tuned on Monday for more from Barbara's journey!   Comment away!!!!!!  

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  1. Babs! What a terrific blogger you are. Who knew?! I am so enjoying reading stuff written by you. A) the stories themselves are good ones, both interesting and inspirational, as well as particularly salient, for me anyway - having been alongside you in a couple of physique challenges, and B) they're entertaining as hell. So, blog away, and I shall follow along. Hmm ... I am going to have to check into this PRO Fitness Program, as my numbers are, no doubt, not looking particularly stellar at the moment either.