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Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress = Patience!

Barb has two sessions left before her next check point!  Are you following?

1.22.14 – Two more sessions with Lisa before my check in! I cannot believe it. I am  tracking faithfully and my weekly cheat has been in check. Today I am starting to see the scale move a little. For my body weight change is SLOW. I mean weight loss. Gain is almost instantaneous!

A little aside: One of my favorite fast meals is shrimp cocktail. I love shrimp cocktail and it is so easy and who said I couldn’t eat it for dinner. One pound 320 calories. It is delicious and the protein, 69 grams, is amazing. Oh and did I mention 0 grams of fat. Oh yeah I said it. 0! 

My form has gotten so much better on squats. Also I am listing to my body. I am not great at it but I am on the road. Squatting with my perfect form I started feeling it in my back. Just noticing. Then my legs could keep going but my back was done. So I told Lisa and we went to something else. My back is sore, I maybe should have called it earlier, but not unmanageable. What do they say, progress not perfection. 

So here I go getting better each day. 

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