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Monday, February 3, 2014

One More Session!

Barbara is approaching her last session with Lisa.   What do you think of her journey so far?  

1.29.14 – Today is my second to last day with Lisa. 

Bitter sweet. 

She said “sorry your workout today kinda sucks.” 


Off we went. 

Lunges around the track, RDL’s, so other yummy stuff. My most favorite is a new 10 minutes intervals of jumping jacks and push ups that Lisa had me do. SO fun. By fun I mean awful. By awful I mean wonderful. I am going to miss her unique blend of support and drive each week. I can’t really put into words what a personal trainer can do for you. Lisa has become a voice in my head each moment of my day. Her words of wisdom are threaded throughout my day. My new date for my final check in is February 12th Wednesday at 11am. Goals get ready to be met!

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