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Friday, February 28, 2014

True Grit- Cycling by Sandy

I went to a cycling class today, and let me tell you, there is nothing like signing up for a 55 minute class only to have so much fun that just when you start feeling tired you realize the class is over!

The instructor was funny, and I mean Comedian funny.  There are benefits to having a serious instructor whose mission is to kick your butt, and benefits to having someone who is spontaneous, free spirited and fun while sticking to their mission to kick your butt.  Today I needed fun and that is just what I got. 

The workout was as tough as I wanted to make it, I guess perhaps all workouts are, and today I found myself a little winded and well…wimpy.   Sometimes I need to cut myself some slack, especially since I’m just starting to get back into a regular workout routine after a long 8 year stint of laziness. 
In between my jogging in the peddles, sitting in the saddle , and wheezing like a an old nag trotting at a fast clip, I flashed back to an earlier time of taking a spin class 10 – 11 years ago.  What I remember was that I had a lot more spunk and energy.  That was when I was pretty fit, and I look forward to finding that again.  {PMA – Positive Mental Attitude} 

During class I was “book ended” by two regulars in the front row, and let me tell you, even though I might have been one of the youngest people in the room, they totally put me to shame.  It was fun to pace (or try to pace) myself with my neighbors, it makes for a fun and challenging experience, and it also pushes me to work harder. 
This is a class that I certainly will put on my regular schedule, if not for the good workout, and the friendly atmosphere but for the great humor and camaraderie. 

Great stuff!  

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