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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Less than a week!

February 6th was Barbara's last Lisa day.  So much to to learn on a fitness journey and Barb may already have her final "numbers" in knowledge.  Sometimes the journey is as important as the result?  Keep watching.  We'll have another member starting to blog for us soon and a surprise employee telling about their own journeys in Wellness!  Follow our blog posts so you don't miss a thing!  Now back to Barb:  

It has been invaluable having her with me on this path of balance. I have learned that moderation in all aspects of my life is what I can aspire to. Working out doesn’t have to be every day for two hours. Eating shouldn’t be starving myself during the week and then bingeing every weekend. My body fluctuates 5 pounds in one day. It’s true. Not anything to get upset about it just is. So on Monday at 9am I may weigh 169 and on Tuesday weigh 174 eating the same stuff and burning the same amount. Knowing that helps me let go.  Most days I am okay with trying my best. Accepting it what ever it may be. And let me tell you sometimes it’s nothing to write home about, but it’s what I got. The inner voice has gotten a little nicer or maybe I have just gotten better about shutting her down. It’s pretty awesome to be healthy. My numbers are in on Wednesday and that will be my last entry. I am excited. I am nervous. Less than a week. Here we go!

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