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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Barbara's Finale! There's No Perfection only the Drive to Become a Healthier Me.

2.12.14 – THE END!   So I have talked at length about Lisa and my undeniable respect and adoration of her. Let me take this moment to talk about James. Always realistic, and always positive. I feel as though he could tell me I had some incurable disease and find a way to spin it. Not just tell me in a positive way but leave feeling good and hopeful. That is what he offers. Tools that can change the way you think, feel and look.

We went through each test. 
Weight down 5.4 since October. 
Body fat right on the edge of average 25.2 /above average 24. 
Treadmill test big improvements for cardiovascular capacity. 
Push up on my toes, good form, I did 39!!! 
My goal was 40. My grip overall was lower. 
Most measurement were the similar, neck, chest, shoulder, hip, arm, flexed arm. 
My waist went down 2 inches and my thighs up over an inch. 
My flexibility increased.  
It was super interesting to note that my left calf was 1 inch bigger than my right and then October. 
My right knee was the one that was busted. 
So fascinating how the body can just jump in and cover for one whole side! So overall not huge changes, other than the push ups and the unassisted pull up. James and I looked back to the goals I set with him back in October. I wanted to do an unassisted pull up, lose a few inches in my waist feel and be healthy. So am I? 

The answer, without question, is yes. I can hem and haw over the details but the fact is I am very healthy. 

It’s hard not to get caught up in what could be and become a hamster on the wheel striving for a perfection that I will never meet. In four months my brain has not been transformed to only think positive thoughts about my body, my strength and my food choices. I am not all accepting and forgiving of where ever I might be. I fall into the pit of frustration from time and time. And please don’t think for a moment I wouldn’t love to report huge changes to you. Drastic weight loss. An overwhelming drop in body fat. A staggering increase in my strength. But this is what I have. This has been more of a internal journey. A struggle with my inner voice not my jeans. A challenge of acceptance, balance and peace. After these four months what have I experienced? Awareness of my body. Respect for injuries. My form on various different exercises. Knowledge of a billion more exercises. Joy when reaching a goal. Understanding of a serving size. Embracing the importance of diet. The importance of tracking. What the Fitness Assessment offers is many different tools to track and see changes over time that one would never have otherwise. 

My original assessment of Lisa being a amazing phenomenal woman full of power, kindness and determination was dead on. Most of all. I am a work in progress. Always. Forever. There is no perfection only the drive to become a healthier me.


  1. You are perfection to many! Thank you for sharing all of this. I loved your words and realism behind working hard, juggling life, and side lining injuries. Laura

  2. I think those are great results!!! 2 inches off your waist is a big deal! Great job!!

  3. Your journal writing has been inspirationally real. You are truly a "piece of work" and I'm so proud of all you have done. Your strength amazes me, May your inner voice echo what I know, that you are a very special woman of both inner and outer beauty. I know that unassisted pull up is your Gold Metal. You won, again . . .

  4. You did an amazing job! Especially with all the holidays. Enjoyed reading your blog!!