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Friday, February 28, 2014

Jesse: You work here, right?

People say to me all the time, "You work here right? You must get a free membership...that's awesome." 

I would normally have said it was awesome...if I used it. 

Now I do use it quite often and as a matter of fact it's AMAZING. I used to say things like "I can't work out here because it means I always have to be on the job and people always ask me questions" or "Every time I workout someone has to say 'Wow, don't see you up here that often' and it's annoying." Although both are very true, I have learned that the amount of people asking me questions is negligible and I workout so often now nobody can say they "don't see me up here often". Both excuses squashed just because I started using my free membership.

Now that I am using that membership I am starting to pick up on some things that I noticed I love about my gym. First and foremost is the absolute amazingness (is that a word?) of the people that know me. They all are the most motivating and encouraging people I have ever met. Everything from a "hey, keep up the good work" to "I noticed your pants are a little saggy in the back there now. Good job." makes me happy that I am finally doing this whole fitness thing for myself. Another thing I noticed I love is leg training. Years ago when I did use the weight room I loved working my beach muscles but now I really like working out my legs. It's something about hoping there are a team of people to carry me down the stairs because I am sure I will not make it without falling that gets me going. It's strange, I know but leg training days are probably my most feared days but the ones I look forward to most.

The fact that I have gotten past the above mentioned hurdles (plus many more than that) and that I have realized some of the things I truly enjoy about my gym keep me coming back. That and since the beginning of the year I have notice changes in my strength and my weight (I am down nearly 20lbs! That's a big chunk of my 90lb goal!) and my general outlook on life. 

I guess I like this gym thing, I think I'll keep going. See you on leg day!!  

A little extra from Jesse's Facebook page:
So gym update on Facebook: reached first goal of losing 15lbs (really I lost 17) by the end of February. Second goal is another 15 by the end of April.

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