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Monday, March 3, 2014

Jesse: Work Hard for What you Want

Coming up with continuous motivation for getting to the gym can be, at times, tough. It’s much easier to sit home and watch the latest hit television show and eat a pizza. Will power and determination can’t always be counted on to give you the drive that you need. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a commencement address at USC a while ago and laid out 6 rules for a successful life. The number 5 rule, which should be number 1, was “You’ve got to work your butt off” (yes I said that while using an Arnold voice). He is right; you have to work hard for what you want. You don’t want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough.

But how do I work hard if I don’t know what that entails? I was discussing that very question with one of our amazing trainers Lily. She had a very frightening suggestion… I should take her FitWorks class in March. I said, “Wait, you’re going to be teaching the class? Um, I would like to still be alive to enjoy reaching my goals”. Then, with some arm twisting (but not much) she convinced me that I should try it.

Although I am scared for my life I will be doing FitWorks with Lily and I am sure I will have many stories of my joy (and pain J ). This is me taking a page from Arnolds book and doing the work necessary to reach my goals.

Here's the speech, take a look:

Jesse started FitWorks today.  

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