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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sandy: Annoying Setbacks

Annoying Setbacks

Oh sure, we have all suffered from the dreaded setback.  It is Murphy’s Law really, just when you set your goals and you start to roll with the changes, BOOM!  Something comes up to stand in your way of progress.  It is life testing you, to see if you have the strength and the resolve to push thru. 
These miserable setbacks come in many forms.  Emotional setbacks will rear their ugly heads as drama in your family or with friends, your children dealing with difficult times, arguments with your loved ones, bills piling up, or worst of all, dealing with death in your family.  Emotions are major burdens, and the trick is to handle the emotional hang-ups in healthy beneficial ways, and to be okay with it if you need to hide under the blankets for an hour or two; just don’t justify the brooding for days that can turn into weeks of inactivity. 

Then there are the physical setbacks.   Injuries that sneak up and bite you in the butt! Last June I over did it in a workout routine, and ended up tearing the muscles around my ankles.  It wasn’t till December that my ankle would withstand a full workout without needing days of recuperation afterwards.  It was frustrating, watching the weight creep on and being so angry at my body because it felt like it was completely rebelling against me.  I was so mad that I didn’t care!  Now that I am getting back into the workout routine, I’m impatient to get back what I once had. 

 Unfortunately, my mentality is still stuck back in my college days of being on the Crew Team, when I had to work out hard, I mean really hard, to the point of regularly wanting the throw up from the exertion.  Each workout was a push to the limits.  Well, my 40+ year old body doesn’t seem to agree with my 20 year old brain, as I force myself to push thru my workouts with speed and strength like I’m some kind of super hero. 

Apparently I am trying to force my body back into shape in a month’s time, when it took YEARS to get to this point of being incredibly out of shape.  I ended up tweaking my back on Thursday, it seemed okay on Friday, a little sore perhaps.  It was Saturday when I felt like my back was broken.  It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed without oodles of pain shooting thru me.  Yes somehow I managed to get to the pool to do some laps on Saturday afternoon. 

Instead of finding my way to the gym on Sunday (today), I allowed myself a lazy day, to catch up on some reading, do some writing, and to allow my aching back another day to un-kink before I blast thru another week.

I have a big workload of trying out some new classes this week.  I also hope to make some new acquaintances / friends as well.  See you around!  

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