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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jesse: Eggs and Oatmeal (Note: No Arnold in this entry!)

One of my biggest challenges is my nutrition. I can certainly make sure I get in exercise but changing my diet is the hardest part. 

Luckily, I have a fantastic roommate who is very into a healthy lifestyle. She keeps on me about what I am eating all the time. She is always texting me to ask what I brought to work for dinner or if I am home to let me know there are healthy options in our refrigerator. 

One of the biggest things that she constantly is on me about is my breakfast. I tend to just grab a bowl of cereal with no protein at all. She really gets at me when I tell her I had cereal. "WE HAVE EGGS AND WE HAVE OATMEAL!!" is what she tells me constantly. She gets upset but, because of her, most of my diet has changed (although I still have cereal every so often!! What a rebel! :) )

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  1. You and me are in the same boat there. Making changes in eating habits is difficult, especially when you are in a comfort zone. Perhaps we should bump some ideas off of each other. :) I find when I do an egg / veggie scramble for breakfast, I get hungry quickly, however (and I know it sounds nasty), if I throw in a handful of old fashioned oats in with my scramble I am held over for a lot longer.
    I'm sure I'll see you around. :) - Sandy