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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jesse: Effort = Results?

Five pounds in a week! (Results vary by the amount of effort put in). 

I lost five pounds during one of the roughest weeks of my year. 

Between mid-terms and other personal things it was looking like my week at the gym was going to be suffering. I wasn’t worried about the first couple days but by mid-week I was tired and I realized I had to make a choice. I could either let things weigh down on me or I could get let them out at the gym. With my goals in mind I chose the gym. 

It is incredible how much better I felt. 

The best part was the intensity level that went into each workout.

Each session of FitWorks was incredibly hard but I didn’t want to go into them lacking intensity so I focused energy towards the exercises and I felt more accomplished doing so. For each session outside of FitWorks I brought the same level of intensity, digging deep to finish all my exercises and going beyond what I was comfortable with. I had great feelings of accomplishment regardless of what my week had in store for me. All of that hard work culminated to a loss of 5 pounds in one week, now I feel even more accomplished!

The official count is 22 pounds down which feels great! 

I plan on bringing high levels of intensity to each workout and enjoying the benefits of the results from them.  See ya in the gym!

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