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Saturday, March 8, 2014

True Grit- Awakening Dormant Muscles that had NO INTENTION of coming out of Hibernation! ;)

Sandy's First Personal Training Session with Taz

There are so many benefits one can get from hiring a personal trainer.  I met with Taz a couple nights ago.  My first impression was “Wow, this young man certainly practices what he preaches.”  Then I became nervous about the shape I was in, and worried about the way I might be judged or perceived.   Taz was able to quickly put me at ease, asking me questions about my experiences and goals.
We set off for a warm up at which point I got to know him a little better, and was thoroughly impressed by his age, his achievements and his passion for fitness. 

After a few minutes on the treadmill we went thru some movements to warm up the ol’ muscles.  Yeah, I was a feeling a little old, that’s for sure.  Then we started with squats.  Legs are my weakest link, I can’t stand doing legs, which is probably why I should do them more often than not.
Now, I’m no pro by any means when it comes to working out, but I have enough of a background to feel pretty confident about what I am doing.  Let me tell you, it is amazing how a tiny tweak of one’s form can make a huge difference in the way it feels.  So there I was, popping up and down in my squats, when Taz tells me to lean more into my heels.  GOOD LORD!  Suddenly, the movement became so much more challenging.  It was like I had awakened some dormant muscles that had NO INTENTION of coming out of hibernation.

After squats, we added a kettle bell weight to the mix.  What!?  Are you trying to tell me that my massive body weight isn’t ENOUGH!  That’s what my mind was screaming anyway.  I just giggled and went along with it.  I mean this is what I’m here for, right?  To be pushed and motivated.
We then went to the TRX system, for some pivotal pull ups (that is my own word, just go with it), to dead lifts, and then to the Evil Giant Rope from the Underworld.  Oh sure, it looks all nice and friendly when you first see it, and when Taz gave a little demonstration of “making waves” with the rope, it looked easy enough. 

Oh Heck No!  I was fooling myself.  I picked up the monster rope, and at first it all seemed fine, for like TWO SECONDS, when my entire core was tensed and my heart rate shot thru the roof, not to mention my wimpy arm muscles were putting up a fight to stop. 

Once we finished the learning portion of the circuit, my goal was to go thru it three times, in timed intervals.  The first round thru was okay, the second round was tough.  We stopped after the second time thru (trust me, I wasn’t going to point out to Taz that we were supposed to go thru again!) I think time grew too short to finish it, or perhaps the look on my face was saying, “Don’t you dare even suggest that we continue!”   

You know you’re in trouble when your legs are already sore before you are done with your workout.   Even going up and down stairs that evening was quite a trip.  It is now two days later and my legs are still whining. 

Thank you Taz for kicking my butt, it was awesome.  NOW, who is going to join me for group sessions?   I don’t want to suffer alone, plus it would be fun to meet some new people who are motivated to get into shape for the warmer weather.   I believe we have room for four or five more!  Go ahead; I dare you to take the challenge to make some changes. 

Contact The Works and let them know you want to join into Blogger Sandy’s group with Taz for Group Fitness Training.  My schedule is flexible.   Hope to see you there! 

[Interested in joining Sandy in this small group session?  Wednesday evenings!  Call to discuss.  742-2163]

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