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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sandy: Fit Works Success!

Fit Works Success

It is unbelievable that four weeks have flown by so quickly.  Every workout was difficult, but thoroughly satisfying.  The Fit Works trainers know what it takes to push members to change their bodies.  They are also knowledgeable about nutrition and how to bring awareness to the members of what they are eating, informing them of better choices and strategies.

Nutrition is my biggest issue.  I’m an emotional eater, and even though my food choices are pretty darn healthy (most of the time) I was eating them in incorrect proportions of Fat vs Carbs vs Proteins.  The hardest part for me though, was portion sizes.  I have what experts would coin a “food addiction.”  Some of you may be able to relate.  It’s almost as if the moment your body comes into contact with foods you crave, your stomach becomes an endless pit, and it’s very hard to shut down, typically you can’t till your over full.  One of the articles Penny (my Fit Works Trainer) handed to me was about the effects of Dopamine (a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, a neurotransmitter) and eating.  Everything rang true for me, and it became very clear why obesity is so rampant in our world today. 
During these past four weeks I made miniscule changes in my diet, not for a lack of commitment to changing my body, but because its down right difficult!    I need to alter my strategies, working with tiny successes over time because if I am all or nothing, then I will only set myself up for failure.
Personally, I like to work out hard, and I loved the challenges that Fit Works presented.  Working out for only one hour, three days a week, doing muscle blasting / cardio interval training was both awesome and intense.  A little friendly competition with my workout buddy didn’t hurt either.
So, even though I didn’t fully commit with my diet, I lost nearly 7 pounds!  This is huge for me!  My strength and cardio have improved, I went from doing 32 to 42 pushups in a minute (mind you, these were done on my toes not my knees!) I did 35 situps, where previously I did 33, and I did 53 jump squats compared to the 42 that I started with.

I lost a couple of inches overall, and I feel terrific.  And this is without a full diet overhaul!!!  Actually, in reality, it is with only a few small changes to my diet, so I wasn’t suffering. 
So, where to go from here?  Oh, you better believe I signed up for another round.  I feel great, and people are noticing a difference. 

Round two starts the week after next.  Free Demo Days are coming up, so keep an eye out for the flyers and announcements. 
I hope to see you there!!!  

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