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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesse: Mind over Matter

Mind over matter. 

You can believe it or not but there is something to be said for having your head in the right space while exercising.

As I have been training with Devon this aspect is becoming more and more clear. Before I even begin to lift any heavier weights, she says “Get your head right, get angry”. She is referring to focusing on the weight I am about to lift and driving into my head that I can actually lift what I am attempting to lift.

For me being in the right mindset plays a role in every aspect of life. If I didn’t have my mind set to change my fitness, I probably wouldn’t change. If I didn’t have my mind in a place to improve my life in all aspects, I probably wouldn’t be able to change.

What you have in your mind unequivocally translates to what you have in your life, especially in fitness. I know what I want when it comes to my physical fitness and I want that more than anything else. Therefore, it is in my mind and slowly but surely it is becoming a reality. It is also working in other areas of my life as well.

My mind is right and my drive is in full force. I know more than anything else that I am capable of succeeding. In a sense, I am unstoppable. There is never a question of IF I will reach my goals, as I keep working it is only a matter of WHEN.

So get your head right and I’ll see you in the gym!

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