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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sandy- Change is Good

Change is good…. YES….yes it is.  I’m going to keep telling myself that.  Change is difficult.  This statement is true, and raw.  FitWorks is giving me a great opportunity to create positive changes in awareness, eating, and exercise.  Thus far I have had three awesome workout sessions where I have been pushed to my limits, and I have been using the app “My Fitness Pal” to keep track of my foods.  What have I come to realize?   I’ve been eating a heck of a lot more than I should, and that I turn to simple processed foods for a quick fix when I am hungry.  Although, this was not a mystery beforehand, I knew all of that already.  

Well, then, if it’s that simple, then it should be easy to reach my goals in no time, RIGHT?      

NO!  80% of the results you get are from what you put into your body.  Sigh!  If only my problems could be solved by just working out more. I love working out.   It’s easy, and fun.  Changing my dietary habits is neither easy, nor fun.  This coming from a person who would rather have her teeth yanked out with a rusty appliance than spend time in the kitchen.

I am suffering with hunger issues, mostly because I am used to eating to the point of being full, or in some cases overfull.  With the changes I am making, I’m working on being satisfied with small meals every few hours.  I get a little panicky and angry when I feel hungry, so this is definitely challenging.  However I have been reassured that it will get easier with time, and I’m going to take that statement with faith.

Obviously what I was doing before was not getting me to where I want to go, which is weighing a lot less, and being able to fit comfortably into my old wardrobe (a wardrobe that fit less than two years ago).  I have taken it upon myself to give up processed foods like bread and crackers, and already I have people telling me that I look better. 

Today I am faced with a major challenge.  I have two parties to go to this afternoon and this evening.  Parties that will no doubt be filled with cake, and treats, drinks and more.  Although I know that I can have a taste of these things, I feel like I should refrain from even a single bite or drink within the first couple weeks of retraining my body.  So wish me luck, cause I’m going in with my battle gear on.
I have strategies to overcome the temptations, like eating lunch and then dinner before I go to the parties, and having healthy veggie choices with me to keep my mouth busy, and water, lots and lots of water.  I will let you all know how it goes. 

Have an excellent weekend, stay strong and healthy. 

(written last week)

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