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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sandy: Taking it Up a Notch with FitWorks!

Taking it up a notch.

I made a split decision last week, it was an unconscious thought that whisked through my brain.  Perhaps it was divine inspiration. Actually,  It was more along the lines of jealousy, seeing the awesome results that my blogging buddy Jessie has had thus far through his journey compared to my own rather insignificant change (which of course has been totally my fault due to unwillingness to change my diet). 

Either way, I did it!  I joined the Fit Works Program that started this week.  My trainer is Penny, and she sure packs a heck of a punch. 

Fit Works is group training with a nutritional aspect, specifically geared toward weight loss.  I’m a little apprehensive because it’s time to really face that music on making progress towards my goals.  I am not a great at journaling especially when it comes to food journals.  Call it denial, or food amnesia, but I just don’t like it.  So I will force myself to get over it, because it is necessary.  What I’m happy about is that my workout buddy followed my lead and joined with me.  I am so lucky to have her with me along with the encouraging support from Penny.

Our first session, the first part of it anyway, was getting through the analysis so that we could build a base line, knowing where we are starting from.  I won’t share the specifics, except to say that I actually busted out 32 full push ups in a minute, which for me is amazing!  Thank you Taz for getting me to this point because before I started working out with a trainer I couldn’t do more than three full push ups before I dropped to my knees. 

The workout portion of our session was more of a half workout due to our lack of time, but I KNOW I’m going to feel it tomorrow, and I LOVE that!  Bring it Penny!

Booyah!!  Alright, so maybe up till now I haven’t been dropping all sorts of weight but check it out, I am definitely stronger, and THAT my friends, is something.

Stay tuned for the reports on my new path.  Thanks for reading!  :)

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