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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sandy: Answering the Call to the Great Outdoors

Answering the call to the Great Outdoors.

Sometimes the days are just too beautiful.  When the mornings are cool and the birds are singing, I just can’t resist the call of the wild.  My temptation on Saturday morning came in the form of my neighbor and friend Kendra, who shamelessly swooned me with the promise of a good time on the lake.  I had planned to go to the gym to lift and do interval training, however the thought of the cool morning breeze and the sound of paddles to water won over my resolve. 

We had a lovely time, paddling out, our trip across the small lake was quick and seemed rather effortless, we smiled and laughed and talked, a lot.  One should always be weary if the ride one way seems awfully easy.  What seemed like a harmless breeze at our back became a gale force battle to make headway back.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad!  The ride did take a bit more effort.  We did our own form of intervals, taking short breaks after bouts of hard paddling against the wind.  It felt great, and being with a friend made the effort of the workout fun.

The most wonderful thing about getting out into nature with a good friend is that you have the opportunity to stop, listen and connect, not only to nature but to one another. 

We were pretty tired when we got back to dry land, and I felt justified not going to the gym.  I spent the rest of the day in the beautiful sunshine, pulling up grass and planting in the garden.  My body was a big aching pile of mush by the day’s end, which was topped off by a stroll on the beach.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

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