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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sandy: Sampling Open House and a Run-in with Jesse! :)

Bloggers Extraordinaire! 
If you missed the Open House at the Works last Saturday, you missed a great time.   What a fun filled day full of education, prizes, and mini classes.  I ran into my blogger buddy Jessie, and we were able to snap a few fun pictures together, then I was on my way to explore the open house.  

It was awesome and I was able to learn things about the Works that I never knew before, like what a Light Wall is and how children can use it in the Fit spot, I got to meet the Dietitian,  I was able to get a taste of many classes that I have yet to take and so much more.  Here is my snapshot view of my day.

I got there later than I had planned, so I missed a couple of class demos, much to my dismay.  RPM is a indoor cycle class that is fast paced and upbeat.  It brought me to my limits, and when I thought I couldn’t go any further I was pushed to give just a little more.  At the beginning of the class I felt like my feet couldn’t peddle fast enough to keep up, though by the middle of the class I was able to keep up the pace.  It was almost like I had to lubricate my joints a little by getting into the groove of the workout a bit before I could really move.  This is a great class that really got my heart pumping, bringing me to aerobic  levels that I know I would never reach on my own.

Next I popped in on the Power Yoga class where I learned all about the difference between regular yoga and the different variations of Power Yoga; from really upbeat fast paced Power Yoga, to very slow Power Yoga where poses are held for extended lengths of time.  The end result in any type of Power Yoga is the deep connection with your inner being, working on core stability and moving your muscles to strengthen and lengthen.  I will definitely try a full length class over the upcoming weeks.

I only got to observe the Body Pump Sampler, which was very impressive.  The participants had their weights set heavy and their steps set high.  The instructor was very informative, upbeat and encouraging.   She kept the class motivated and moving along, with clear concise instruction, and great cues to prepare the participants for the upcoming moves. 

I then attended the Tai Chi class, with absolutely no expectations what so ever.  I had never taken a Tai Chi class and knew very little about it.  The instructor was very kind and informative.  There were two experienced ladies on either side of me, and I was very thankful to have them there since Tai Chi is a sort of learn as you go type class that had me moving in every direction.  I was so impressed by how these women flowed together, working their way beautifully through the moves.  I was a little intimidated at first (to say the least) because I had no idea  what moves were to come next in the series.  I didn’t know the choreography and there was not your typical repetitive movements that you might see in other group fitness classes.  I will say that it was an incredible experience working through this “energy” class, and I felt extremely connected to Earth and my inner self when I was done. A great place if you need to really slow down in this fast paced world.  It takes a lot of concentration to stay calm and in the flow throughout the class, and to just push forward through the moves.  Once you eventually learn the sequence of Tai Chi (which I can imagine would take quite a while to do) then the meditation becomes deeper as you flow through moves. 

The last class that I caught the tail end of was Cardio Kickbox.  I was too shy to step in at such a the late time that I had arrived, so I sat just outside watching the work out.  I just have to say, WOW!  You wouldn’t believe the sweat dripping off these people, and the instructor was so energetic and fun, even I couldn’t help but laugh and smile while I watched.  I am definitely booking a few of these fun classes into my upcoming workout schedule. 

I look forward to trying out full versions of all the demo classes I attended, and to see some new faces around the works.

We are TOUGH! 

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