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Monday, December 16, 2013

I ran... 11 minutes of NOT walking!

Have you been enjoying following Barbara's progression in PFP?   This week we'll catch you up!   Please comment and give Barb feedback! We'd love to hear from you!!!  

10/30/13 – Training taught me a lesson yet again today! I had a yogurt for breakfast. Often I have egg beaters, fat free shredded cheese and chicken. I knew that today I would be having a piece or two or seven of candy. (It’s trick or treating and Halloween party day). So I figured that I would eat light. Bad idea on a Lisa training day! Midway through the workout I was dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. I didn’t eat enough for the workout that Lisa had for me. I stopped for a break. I am the one who knows my body and what I can and can’t do. No laziness. No coping out. My heart rate was up to 215 (FYI: Your highest heart rate should be 220 – your age (36) = 184. Needless to say I was not paying attention to my heart rate and I haven’t set up the range on my heart rate monitor yet. I need to pay attention to not only what I eat but my heart rate too. This working out and being healthy stuff is hard work. 

10/31/13 – I ran, okay jogged my first mile straight! It was 11 minutes of not walking. The pride that I feel is inconceivable! 

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