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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Numbers are a tool! MidWay Point!!!

12.5.13 – 


Numbers are a tool. Some of them are accurate to how you feel some are not. Numbers are not the end all be all but they are a measurement to take into consideration when assessing your past and planning for the future. I didn’t feel that the scale would show much movement. And guess what? I was right. Three pounds which honestly I fluctuate that much on a daily basis. Body fat was a little more surprising. It didn’t change which I thought it would. I haven’t been focusing on my diet and these numbers show me that I need to if I want any more changes in that area. Part of PRO is measurements. Much was the same. I lost some off my waist and my arms! I gained in my arms when making a muscle. A difference that I noticed throughout training was my heart rate and breath. That changed a lot! My resting heart rate changed from 73 to 67! The treadmill test I went from below average with my heart rate increasing to 130 within 9 minutes to above average with my heart rate taking 13 minutes to increase to 130. My grip strength went from above average to well above average. But here it is. The end all be all. I went from 27 push ups on my knees to 27 push ups on my TOES!!!!!! What?!?!?! I am so excited.  

My next check in is February  6th. I am looking forward to even more changes!

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