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Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Just a Muscle!

Back in October Barbara wrote for us and described a few more of her Sessions with Lisa!    Here's a few!   We'll be catching up to Barbara's progress this week to hear about her January finale!  

10/23/13 – Lisa’s workout today was another great one. I did some stretching at the end for my back. It’s hard to not feel like I am not going all out. A friend of mine mentioned thinks that he is fitter than most of the people at the gym. Right away I challenged him. He is built. He is also not in the best shape I’ve seen him in. As our debate went back and forth I realized that I was wrong. He was talking about the focus being on both cardio AND lifting. Most people do not split their focus equally. There is a misperception in our society of what fit is and of what it looks like. I would like to coin the term skinny fat and chubby fit. If they are already out there I am stealing them. We don’t have to be 100 pounds to be healthy. That’s just skinny (well for me at six feet tall it is). I would not and could not be a healthy person at that weight. I have curves. I will ALWAYS have curves no matter what I do. That’s just me. The sooner I accept that, for more than just a moment, the better. I want to be healthy not a slave to the scale.

10/25/13 –Today we did some circuits and lifting. Oh yeah we had negative pull ups again. Then there was an exercise that I tried and tweaked my back. I said something right away. Even before I finished the first repetition! Lisa had me try a different exercise and WOW! It was harder and I did not feel it in my back AT ALL! Not even a little bit. Not even a hint. It was a beautiful moment for me. I am not used to having a trainer focus on just me and what I need. Being honest with Lisa was a challenge for me. Once the honestly came I felt huge relief and excitement. Better exercise, no back pain. Lisa said, “it’s just a muscle if you tell me we can change it.” Like it was nothing. Super easy. What?! I finally realized that it was all me. I have to take advantage of Lisa and remember she is there for me. Here I go. 

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