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Monday, December 23, 2013

Setting Goals and Not Letting the "Food Baby" get in the way of those goals!

So she made it halfway through!  Yay Barbara!    What are your goals for the New Year?!  

12.9.13 – You know those ropes? The real heavy ones that are in the training room at the gym? You see them on the biggest loser and cross fit. Well today I got really lucky. Have you ever done jumping jacks with the rope? Yes. You feel me. No. You have been spared a special kind of agony these afford your whole body. I love that Lisa is always coming up with new exercises for me to loathe, I mean love.
Totally unprompted, an out of body moment for Lisa I can only assume, Lisa says, “If you reach your goals in February I’ll let you train me for an hour.” What the what? Is she for reals? Oh my goodness my mind is jumping for joy. I will most likely start her session with a 7 minute wall sit. Aahhh it feels good just to think about.

12.11.13 and 12.16.13 – Motivation to eat right is flying out the window. Thanksgiving is over but here comes Christmas. The parties, the brunches, the sweets! Oh yum the sweets. “You can’t out exercise what you eat.” Says Lisa. Not what I want to hear. “You can undo all your hard work during the week in the gym by eating poorly on the weekend.” Again, and I can’t stress this enough, NOT what I wanted to hear. I can focus and rock it out at the gym. Even eating during the week but wow is the weekend hard. I have to be responsible for the choices I’m making. My food baby may continue to grow for a few more weeks.  

12.18.13 – Part 1: I have goals set for my final check. I did 27 push ups my goal is 40 in a row on my toes. I want to be able to do one pull up or chin up unassisted. I am 25.2% body fat, that’s the one we are going with. My goal is to lose 10% body fat, 2.5%. Feeling good about my chances! Ran sprints yesterday and dead lifted 165lbs today. Lisa is such a cheerleader for my success that I would have to try really hard to fail. She wanted me to start trying to see how many push ups I can do. I am excited and nervous to see. I would love to weigh in the lower 160’s but the scale is not the goal and I won’t let a number on the scale control how I feel about my journey.

Part 2: I went to physical therapy today for my knee. I know your like, wait you back was hurt now what? My knee has been bothering me for over a month, okay almost two, and now it hasn’t gotten bad enough for me to seek help. Good news is that I have not torn anything. Yet. So for the next two weeks I need to go to therapy twice a week and do no high intensity stuff. Hip hop class, cardio party, plyos, tae box all the stuff. What can I do for cardio? The elliptical and the bike at a low level. So I have already established that I hate cardio. These classes allow me to do cardio without too much thought. Plyos and sprints allow me to get cardio over with. This will be a challenge. It is happening during the holidays so that’s both good and bad! Let’s see what happens.

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