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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jesse: FitWorks Results! ...and a Little Surprise Read More

10 pounds, 2 inches and 2.8% lost body fat. 

That, my friends, is what one month of FitWorks has done for me. It is pretty incredible what dedication, education, and hard (I mean HARD) work can do.

With FitWorks, you certainly get out of it what you put into it. However, Lily never let me do less than what I was capable of and pushed me to go even further. The fact that I had to turn in my diet journal kept me on track with what I was eating which is a big part of weight loss. I use to do my food journaling. If you don’t use it or want to start using it, I highly recommend it.  If you do decide to use myfitnesspal, sign up to get your resting metabolic rate with one of our dietician staff. They go over your goals and help you develop your very own nutrition plan. Doing so will probably turn out to be one of the biggest game changers in your fitness endeavors. I had mine done and it has worked wonders.
If you are looking for some motivation or maybe have future plans that you need to lose weight for then I encourage you to try FitWorks. My results belong to me because of the drive I have inside to reach the goals I want. I know all the folks that were part of FitWorks with me all saw fantastic results as well. Give it a try, there are free demo sessions next week. If you’re a member or a not you can come to the demo sessions and hear about what it entails. Sign up at the Service Desk!

I learned a lot in a month, all of which I will apply to my ongoing routines as I continue towards my goal. I will continue on and try other new things as well.

Remember, work hard because it pays. I’ll see you in the gym (oh and feel free to say hi when you do! :) )

We have a little surprise for Jesse.  

Jesse,  Lily had something to add...

First and foremost - I am so proud of Jesse and all the hard work he has done in the Fitworks program over the last month!! Jesse put 100% into the program, and his results speak for themselves! I had the pleasure of coaching the 6:30amclass, and I've seen Jesse change, both mentally and physically over this past month as he continued to work towards his goals. He was the type of client that every trainer wants to have.

Ohhh, I am not saying it was easy! If you've been reading the blog, you can tell that it has not been a cake-walk! However, Jesse could have had every excuse under the sun: "It's too early", "I'm too tired", "I have a long day of work ahead of me", "It's expensive to eat healthy", "I don't have the time to exercise or meal prep". Instead, he became stronger than any excuse, and decided that results are much better than regrets.

The idea of Fitworks is that each person can work hard, and reach their full potential- whatever that might be! As a coach, I am there to help evaluate what that means, so that each person is capable of performing the workout at their own level. I always tell my groups, "I won't give you anything that you aren't able to do". Sometimes I get the wide-eyed looks and the eye rolls, but then I also get to see the looks of accomplishment and pride at the end of it.

I can't wait to see the results Jesse will have over the next few months as he get involved in some of our other Fitness programming.

As for everyone else, if you would like to see results like Jesse did, come hear about Fitworks programs at our free Info Session Thursday

This month, we are going to figure out how the number 165 can change your life and help you meet any goal!


Questions for Lily?  Email her here!  

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  1. As Jesse's co-worker for apx the last 3 years I just want to say congrats on his hard work! He's been an inspiration to others and even though he doesn't like people to give him praise, we are gonna shout out... GREAT JOB JESSE!!! Keep up the hard work :) those results are awesome.