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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sandy: Pushing Past Self-Imposed Limits!

Working out with Taz.

It has been three weeks now.  My workout partner and I have been doing a pretty good job keeping each other accountable, although we are very forgiving as we both know that life sometimes gets in the way of keeping a rigid schedule, especially when children are involved. 

Taz, our trainer, has set us up with homework to follow between visits. These are definitely not easy workouts by any means, and we manage to get thru them with grunts, groans and sometimes even a little whining. 

I push myself pretty hard when I work out alone, and a little harder when I have my workout buddy.  Though, let me tell you, when I go into my training sessions, I leave the whining and excuses at the door.  Taz has pushed me past the point of where I thought I was done, ever nudging me to push thru my Self Limitations.  Its interesting.  When someone else is watching the clock for you, or gives you a goal to push for, your mind locks in on that goal and you go.  It is human nature not to want to disappoint.

We all have our limits, and we work out within those limits.  However, what I find is that a lot of us get caught up within our own minds on how much our bodies can handle.  We start to feel a burn and we stop.  We start to feel a little uncomfortable when we are doing cardio and we think we are done.  Then we get stuck and our bodies don’t change.  We do the same thing over and over again, and we become frustrated.  We say to ourselves, “Why am I working so hard and not getting the results I want.”  The key is to push past our self imposed limits, work just a little harder, and more importantly change things up.

I have been working pretty hard for four weeks now, and I have only lost 2 pounds (unlike my good pal Jesse, who has been rocking the weight loss clip!  Nice Work Jesse!!) The reality is that my body is changing, I am stronger, I can handle more cardio than I did when I started and my clothes are even fitting better.  The problem for me is that my diet is erratic at best, and I know that diet is the only way I’m going to reach my ultimate goals. 

I’m getting off track.  Let me finish by saying that I’m making changes slowly in my diet, and will continue to work with a trainer.  At this point we only meet with him once every three weeks, doing our homework in between.  I know that the benefits of working with a trainer and my results would come quicker if we met more often but for now, this is what we have chosen to do.
If you’re ready for a change and are not exactly sure where to start, go to an intake session.  Get tested to see where you are at, and learn the benefits of working with a trainer.  There are a lot of wonderful trainers at the Works, and their schedules all vary.   Then set yourself up mentally for change.  Know what your goals are, what you wish to achieve and WHEN you want to achieve them by.   That will give you the drive to move forward. 

-Best Wishes and see you at the Works!

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