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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sandy: Working out While Kids are on Vacation

Ah, a mothers guilt. I truly believe that the second a woman gets pregnant she starts developing huge amounts of the “guilt” hormone. 

This week marked Spring Break for my children.  I vowed to myself that this was going to be a fun, exciting week for them.  We invited friends over every single day, to hike, play outside or sleep over.  It was EXHAUSTING.  I mean dealing with my own children is hard enough, but then add more 
children to the mix and it becomes….well, even more challenging.  By the time husband rolled in from work, I was fried.   My PLAN was to go to the gym when he got home.  HA!  Right!!  

Two of the evenings I was planning to go to the gym, my children would look up at me with their big round eyes saying “We don’t want you to go,” or “You promised you would read to us before bed.”  UGH!  Heartbreaking!

I admire people who can turn their backs and make themselves the priority.  When my husband wants to do something for himself, he just does it.  Nothing will stand in his way.  I on the other hand, am a wimpy pushover.  I know that time is ticking quickly on the clock of youth, and that my children will not want to spend any time at all with me soon enough.  I want to capture every moment I can with them, even at the expense of my workouts.  It’s not smart, really, because the more I workout, the better I feel, the happier I am, and the happier everyone else is.  I get really frustrated when I don’t get any ME time and my moods go from bad to worse.  I have a short temper especially when my children challenge me with trivial complaints. 

I made it to the gym only once this week, it was only half a workout at that too!  I was mentally and physically spent by the end of the day when my opportunity to go to the gym arose, and yet I had to get out and away from the house.  So I literally forced myself to get there but my head wasn’t in the game.  The end result, however was that I was glad I went even though my workout was “Blah”.
Now that I have taken a full week off from my consistent workouts, I can feel the sloth moving back into my life.  My clean eating has been neglected, and lifting has been ignored.  At least I have been keeping somewhat active with the few hikes we went on. 

I am looking forward to the start of a new week and getting back into the gym.  I’ve missed it, as I have missed my free time as well.   I look forward to seeing the smiling faces at the Works again. 

See you there.    

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