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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sandy: Out of the Mouth of Babes

Out of the mouths of babes.

“Mama! We want to go to the works!” I hear it all the time, and sadly I have to deny my children the luxury more often than not.  I am about 7 weeks into my membership (I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by) and thus far, my children have been to The Works only a handful of times. 
I asked my son tonight what he loved most about the Works.  His response was “The water slides, the racket ball and the Smoothies.”  Okay, I admit that his exposure has been limited.  We have yet to take advantage of the slew of kid’s fitness programs available, as well as the Fit Spot, which is an awesome kid’s gym.  The Fit Spot has cardio powered video games and virtual bikes, Xbox, and various equipment they can use.  My children are dying to get in there, however our afternoon activity schedule with a mixture of unpredictable weather has made it a bit difficult to schedule the time for their orientation. 
The times we have gone all together, I typically have left my husband to play with the boys while I get my workouts in.  He likes the fact that the pool has never had the feeling of being over crowded, which makes it easy to keep an eye on them, and he appreciated the friendly nature of some of the life guards who joke around and interact with the children.  The kids love it too, especially when the lifeguard throws buckets of water at them as they are going down the slide. There is nothing quite like the delighted laughter of children when they talk about the fun they have at The Works.

Another comment from my husband is that the pool area is very clean and the locker rooms are very well kept.  What he has seen at the gym (his exposure has been limited at best since he hasn’t really ventured around the gym) he has been impressed with.  Hands down, the Works is one of the largest and nicest gyms we have been to.

I find the indoor pool to be friendly for kids of all ages.  There is a wade in area for the tiny toddlers, with water fountains they can play in as well as a roped off shallow area.  Beyond the wade pool rope the pool does a horseshoe u-turn to the deeper area which ranges around 4+ feet deep, then to the deep area which is roped off as well.  The deepest part of the pool has a depth that reaches seven feet and there is no diving allowed. 

I promised myself to try new classes, one new one each week.  I have also promised my children that I would finally schedule a time for their orientation so we can expand our wonderful experience at the Works.    :)

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  1. Oops...we do allow diving in the 7ft section.