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Monday, April 14, 2014

Jesse: Outside or Gym?

It’s that time of year; the weather is changing (Yay!! I love the snow, but that was just brutal.), the moods are getting better, and there are ten million different things to do. This means there are ten million things to distract me. 

Go to the gym? 

Go outside? 

If I don’t go to the gym it means I can sleep in, which takes away from being outside.

Plus, now that it’s getting warmer, there are a myriad of projects that need to be done. New bookshelves need to be cut, sanded and stained. My Jeep and motorcycle need a little after winter TLC. The yard, the dogs, hanging out with family and friends, and getting quality time with Mother Nature. Yes, all of these do play a role in a healthy lifestyle (except for sleeping in when I don’t need to) but they can distract me very easily from the goals I set for myself (If I let them). This is why I have decided to get a little help in the staying on track department (as well as some major butt kicking) by hiring the one and only Devon for some personal training sessions.

Her and I have discussed my fitness goals and even tweaked some of them (she is confident that I can do better than what I had).  So for the next few months you should see her and I upstairs as she helps me lose weight, get stronger and more flexible (by more flexible, I mean just getting me to the range of motion of a normal person). Yes all three can be accomplished at the same time.

Very exciting stuff and this time around I will have lots of pictures and other goodies to share with you about this section of my journey.

OH! I forgot to mention I am officially down 27 pounds. 3 more to go to reach my goal for the end of April!!

See you in the gym!

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