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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sandy: People at the Works.

People at the Works.

I see you there, working hard, pushing yourself to a healthier you.
I see you walking to the pool, your towel wrapped tightly around you.  In your head you believe that others are judging, or worse, you are judging yourself.  Fear not my friend, you are not alone, and you are beautiful.
I see you in class, you’re the oldest one there.  You are moving with the beat and keeping time, putting a lot of others to shame.  You are my role model and I look to you with great admiration and respect.
I see you on the bike, pushing the pedals ever forward.  Your eyes are locked and your face is intense.  You are an achiever, destined and determined.  I wish I had an ounce of your drive.
I see you at the weights, your muscles are sculpted as you push them to get stronger.  You are a work of art in my eyes and I am amazed that you could go that far.
I see you in the pool, gracefully swimming in the water, paddling, splashing, breathing, moving.  I watch the wake you form and I am in awe that you don’t have to stop.  You are my inspiration. 
I see you walking on the track, moving so quickly I can barely keep up.  You are my pace keeper, my driving force.  I want to be motivated like you.
I see you ALL.  You are my inspiration, you are my motivation and I hold you all in great admiration.  Each of you are wonderful and beautiful in your own miraculous ways.  

I am honored to be among you. 

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