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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday Jesse!

                ***Warning: Throwback Post***

I had some one ask me the other day, “How did you get started at The Works?” I said to myself, “Self, that’s a really odd question. Why would they want to know that?” I then realized that since I have started at The Works many people have come and gone, and many of the folks that are newer have no idea who I am. There are a lot of folks that are still at The Works that remember when I first started there.
So here is the brief story of how I ended up at The Works and why I am still here.

Once upon a time, many moons ago…. Ok nevermind, when I was 17 and a junior in high school I had taken these fancy courses that are supposed to teach you how to land a job. Very interested in earning my own money and not begging for money from the ‘rents, I decided to use what I learned to get a job. It was all very glamorous. Then I got hired in a kitchen immediately upon picking up an application without any formal interview and wearing ripped shorts and a band t-shirt. I was like wow, this job thing is easy.

I realized that kitchen work is terrible and I hated it; no wonder why I got the job so fast. So I started thinking again. I wanted a job that I could talk to people and get my exercise in (that was in high school when I actually exercised a lot). Remembering that I had gone to The Works a couple times for fun, I thought that would be a serious place to begin a career. So I got an application and filled it out… I waited to get hired on the spot (The Works actually did an interview process!). Without getting hired on the spot I went home and started calling Matt (The Operations Manager) every day until he agreed to interview me.

The day I came in to my interview I made sure I looked my best. My class taught me to look the part that I was going for. I dressed so good I could have been hired as the director…. not really, I had a pair of khakis and a Hawaiian shirt I borrowed from my dad. However, I was the first person to ever interview with Matt to try to dress nice.

I am pretty sure he said “This kid is sooooooo AMAZING!!! I must hire him right now!!!” Or something like that :).

That’s how I got started. I was there till about a year after I graduated high school then I took off for college. I came back after one semester. I worked for a few more years then left to try my hand at other jobs around NH. After few years of doing that (still coming back once in while to help out) I came back on with a more full time approach and have been back for 4 years.

I have been asked why I keep coming back and the answer is simple, The Works is like my family. There are a lot of staff members that have been there since I started 14 years ago and there are many members that have been there just as long if not longer. I have put a helping hand into creating what everyone knows as The Works today and I remember fully what it was like before. I love our members, the old members and the new members. I have made lasting friendships with tons of people and I enjoy my work.

Simply, The Works is like my family.

See you in the gym

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  1. I remember you then. You've always been a great asset to the members and The Works. Thank you for being you, and doing an amazing job job all these years!