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Monday, April 21, 2014

Sandy- Selfie: Seeing is Believing

April Showers…

It's Spring, Finally! 

It’s almost as if the change of temperatures forces people to pull out and try on their spring and summer clothing, only to realize that the long winter hibernation has caused all of their clothing to magically shrink.  That’s what happened to me anyway…well maybe my clothes didn’t actually SHRINK, but I have to tell myself that or I might cry! 

I wanted to share a “selfie”, and some pictures of my adventures at the gym, but I will admit, I’m a little shy when it comes to having a picture taken of myself.  Pictures are a great way to see progress though, and I need to get over it and silence my self critic when it comes to pictures.  My workout partner recently snapped this shot of me, shortly after telling me that if I sighed and made one more negative face at myself in the mirror that she was going to kick me. 

When I finally looked at this picture (it took me about a week to actually LOOK at it) I was surprised that I could see muscles in my back, and some shape to my waist, which, till recently was more apple like than anything.  The fact is that I’m changing.  I mean, I can finally SEE the changes.  It’s funny, but true, that seeing is believing.  Sometimes it is difficult to continue working hard toward something if you are not actually seeing visual results.  And not all changes will be numbers on the scale.  I am proud of my progress and continue to “muscle through”.  I may not be ready for something quite as challenging as the “Physique Challenge”, although with time and some mental adjustment, I now know that can be. 

Keep working hard, my friends.  Have faith in the positive changes you are creating, not only in your body, but in your mental attitude as well.  It’s a ripple effect, and all the positivity you are putting out will come back to you.  

Happy Spring!

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